CTEI’s biochemical business is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of chlortetracycline (“CTC”) products. The CTC business commenced in 1995 and CTEI is now one of the leading CTC producers globally. CTEI operates two CTC production plants which are located in Pucheng, Fujian and Zhumadian, Henan. The combined annual production capacity of the production plants is approximately 50,000 tons.

Our CTC products, a type of broad-spectrum antibiotic, are effective against various types of bacteria in livestock. CTC is commonly used as feed additives to promote healthy growth of livestock, to prevent or cure animal diseases and to improve overall feed efficiency. Our product portfolio consists of CTC premix and CTC hydrochloride and are sold under our own brands – “Shihao 施豪” and “Citifac 喜特肥” – in China and overseas markets.