CTEI is concerned about our obligations to the environment protection. We have devoted significant operating and financial resources to ensure our production complies with the laws and regulations in the PRC by implementing various environmental protection measures.

  1. Power generation from residual heat – We have constructed facilities at Zhumadian Production Plant which will use the residual heat generated in the production processes for power generation.
  2. Waste water recycling – Waste water is generated during the production process in our production plants. We have installed equipment in the Zhumadian Production Plant which will recycle the waste water generated in the production processes.

Occupational Health and Safety

Health and Safety is our utmost priority. We have in place safety guidelines and operating manuals setting out safety measures for the production processes and repair services. In accordance with applicable laws and regulations in China, we provide our employees with training programmes on work safety including trainings on safe usage of chemicals and machinery, accident prevention and management. We also conduct regular inspections on our machinery to ensure compliance with the safety standards.

We also review our safety guidelines periodically to ensure their compliance with applicable national and industrial standards. We have adopted a safe working environment and accident prevention implementation policy. Among other things, the policy identifies the personnel and department responsible for accident management and details each employee’s responsibility in preventing and managing accidents as well as promoting safety awareness.